Release 5.5.1

For more information on how to upgrade your Mambo Platform, please see the Upgrade Guide.

Administration Panel


  • Switching Simulator User: when switching users in the Simulator the widgets woud start to constantly refresh and continously switch between the two users. This has been addressed and you can now switch users without issues.
  • Simulator Leaderboard Widget Settings: the leaderboard widget settings didn't allow you to unselect a tag by which to filter the leaderboard once a tag was selected. This has been fixed and tags can be removed.
  • Simulator Profile Widget Gift Settings: the gift settings under the profile widget settings were not loading the point and coupon activities correctly.
  • Image Errors Not Shown: validation errors associated to images being uploaded were not being displayed in the administration panel.


New Features:

  • Support GIF, JPG and BMP Images: we've added support for GIF, JPG and BMP images. You can now use these types of images and they will not be converted to PNG (although we still rename the extension to PNG).
  • Custom Maximum Image Size: it is now possible to define a custom maximum image size rather than use the default 100Kb.


  • Non-Conflicting C# SDK: we added an alternative version of the C# SDK which is fully bundled with it's dependencies. This means that if you embed it in a project where you need to use an older / newer version of, for example, the JSON library, there will be no clashes with the Mambo SDK.


  • Activities API Documentation: fixed the Activities API to include the createdOnOverride property to the SDK code samples.
  • Behaviour Caching: when updating a behaviour which is used in an achievement, the reward cache was not being cleared correctly and the old version of the behaviour was being returned. The cache clearing has been fixed and the updated behaviour is now returned.


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