Release 5.6.0

For more information on how to upgrade your Mambo Platform, please see the Upgrade Guide.

Administration Panel


  • Behaviour / Reward and Tag Drop Down Search: the select boxes used for behaviours, rewards and tags will show a search box when there are large numbers of items present.
  • Behaviour / Reward and Tag Drop Down Performance: we've improved the performance of the drop downs which can now comfortably handle thousands of results.
  • Default Language in Drop Down: the language specified as the default one for a site will appear as the selected language in the language drop downs.


  • Clear Coupon Points: it was not possible to remove the points associated to a coupon unless the editor page was refreshed. It is now possible to clear the points without refreshing.
  • Order Rewards / Behaviours by Point: the rewards and behaviours sorting by point has been fixed.
  • Leaderboard Widget Filter By Tag: the leaderboard widget in the simulator was using the tag ID in the Filter by Tag field instead of the tag value.


New Features:

  • Analytics: a whole reporting area has been added to Mambo! You can now visualise the results of your gamification strategy directly in Mambo. We've included reports around Activities, Behaviours, Rewards, Points and Users. All of which can be seen in different dimensions: by day, cumulative or by user. Through the Administration Panel you are able to build beautiful dashboards where you can put which ever widgets you like and re-arrange them as you see fit! Save your dashboards and let other Administrators also load them, see your dashboards in full screen, customise the types of chart (10+ types of charts available), compare data with previous time periods, and much much more!
  • On Tag Leaderboards: it is now possible to create leaderboards for a specific tag. These leaderboards will apply the tag filter to itself by default. 
  • User Notifications API with Read Notifications: added a new flag to the User Notifications API which causes it to return all the notifications for the user, including those that have already been read. Very useful for creating a notifications list including read / unread.


  • Custom Field Validation: we've made the validation of the custom fields which carry a text type more relaxed, allowing strings of numbers too.
  • JSONP XSS: we've made improvements to the XSS handling for the JSONP callback function. 
  • Paging Count Limit: the count limit used in APIs which support paging can now be specified as a configuration option.
  • Created On Date for Behaviours and Rewards: the behaviours and rewards now carry created on timestamps.


  • Activities Target / Content Encoding: the URLs used in the activities target and content data are now being encoded correctly independent of the language being used.
  • Regenerate Leaderboard with Non-OK Behaviours: the leaderboard regenerate function was incorrectly adding points from behaviours which did not have an OK status.
  • Update a User with no Tags: when updating a user with no tags specified in the request data, the tags of the user would be removed.
  • Delete a Site with Leaderboard: when deleting a site with a leaderboard an exception was being thrown.
  • Grayscale Badges on Site Clone: cloning a site was not cloning the grayscale images associated to rewards.



  • JavaScript Libraries: we've updated the jQuery, Lo-Dash and Backbone libraries to the latest versions.


  • Changing Leaderboards doesn't clear tags: when selecting a different leaderboard from the leaderboard menu, the tag used for the original leaderboard is cleared.



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