Release 5.3.0

For more information on how to upgrade your Mambo Platform, please see the Upgrade Guide.

Administration Panel


  • Default Language Selected: the translation fields in the Administration Panel have been improved to automatically select the default language for you.


  • Creating Simple Behaviours: fixed an issue which was causing the simple behaviours creation process to fail if no tags were added to the behaviour.
  • Updating Game Mechanic Translations: when updating game mechanic translations the forms were allowing you to set translations without picking a language. Validation has been improved to catch this earlier in the process.
  • Activities and Rewards Time Zone: fixed an issue which was causing the activities / rewards of a user to be displayed in UTC in the administration panel. This will now show the time based on the user's current time zone.
  • Deselect Coupon in Reward: fixed an issue which disabled the removal of coupons from rewards unless the page was refreshed.
  • Tag Quick Add: the quick add feature for tags was missing the name field due to the translations upgrade. This has been addressed and tags can be created through the quick add feature once again.
  • Coupon Validation: the coupon form was allowing certain combinations of data to be sent to the backend. The validation has now been tightened and will raise errors before sending data to the backend.



  • Translation Validation Exceptions: when raising a translation validation error it wasn't immediately clear from the error message what was causing the problem. This has been changed so that the root cause is easier to identify.


  • Duplicate Translations: fixed an issue which was allowing duplicate translations to be created for specific fields. This is fixed an only a single translation for each language / field combination can be provided.
  • Creating Bounty Activities: fixed an issue caused by using a non bountiable point when creating a bounty. This now returns a friendly error message.



  • New Design!!!: the widgets have been completely revamped! There is a new and modern look & feel in place. All the widgets are now mobile responsive and can be used with Cordova to create cross device experiences.



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