Release 5.4.0

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Administration Panel


  • Input Error Highlighting: the form grouping containing the input boxes will now highlight when they contain an input box with an error. This was previously hard to spot as the error field was neatly hidden by the form grouping.


  • Translations: fixed an issue which was making it impossible for translations to be deleted through the Administration Panel.
  • Delete a Site: fixed an issue which was causing sites to be deleted but not removed from the list of available sites. 


New Features:

  • Leaderboard Ranking Position: the leaderboard now returns the user's ranking position in relation to their peers. This is returned along side the current user when retrieving the top users of any particular leaderboard which allows us to display the current user in the relation to the top users of the leaderboard.
  • Contextual Leaderboards: not only do leaderboards return the current users ranking position, it is also now possible to return the current user with X users above and below them to give them an idea of where they are in the leaderboard in relation to their immediate peers.
  • Tags as Reward Prizes: prizes available for achievements, levels and missions now include tags. This means tags can be added to or remove from users who unlock a particular reward. This opens to opportunity to tier rewards that users have access to
  • Behaviour Prizes: prizes for behaviours have also been extended and now support tags and coupons in addition to the points that were originally available.
  • Reputation Levels: in contrast to regular levels, a reputation level has the ability to not only move up, but also move down. The down move is based on the user losing or expiring points. The reputation levels can be used to ensure the user keeps up the moment of behaviours in order to maintain their current reputation otherwise they will gradually lose it.
  • Custom Fields for User Object: the user object now supports custom fields. This means we can add, for example, phone numbers or fields which store data that can then be accessed else where.


  • Translation Tests: improved the coverage of the tests we have for the multi lingual support of the platform.


  • Expiring Achievements: the progress for expiring achievements was not being calculated correctly due to the recurring dates issue below. We've modified the algorithm for this in order to not rely on the pre-calculated value.
  • Points Expiration: fixed an issue which was causing points to not expire at the right time.
  • Recurring Dates: fixed an issue which was causing recurring dates scheduled at the end of the month to fail. The recurring dates were being used in the Behaviour Rate Limiting and the Achievement Availability.
  • Validating Behaviours: validating a behaviour's verb and rate limit scope was failing when updating through the SDK and an attributes object was not supplied.



  • Added Tag Prizes: the tag prizes associated to behaviours and rewards are now displayed in the widgets.


  • Profile Widget Summary: fixed an issue which was causing the profile widget summary page to show activities from all the users interacting with the platform.



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