Version 5.13.0

For more information on how to upgrade your Mambo Platform, please see the Upgrade Guide

Administration Panel

New Feature:

  • Added deprecation section to API & SDK Documentation: added a deprecation section to the documentation which highlights all the API end-points and data model properties that have been deprecated. The section proposes alternatives to the deprecated end-points and properties if available. The section also highlights when the end-points and properties will be officially removed giving you time to plan any necessary migrations or changes.


New Feature:

  • Multi code coupons: coupons can now be created with multiple coupon codes instead of a single coupon code. This comes in handy when using a list of single use external coupons provided by a third party without having to create numerous identical coupons. Together with multi code coupons we've also introduced the concept of two step buy redemption for coupons that can be acquired with points. This allows users to first buy the coupon for points which assigns to them a coupon code from the list which they can then use to redeem their benefit. The new two step redemption introduces a new "buy" coupon activity. Refer to the Administrator Manual for a detailed explanation of multiple code coupons.


  • GET /leaderboards/behaviours/{behaviourId}: fetching leaderboards by behaviour ID has been deprecated due to low usage and low value.
  • POST /activities/sync: with the advent of Webhooks, the synchronous creation of activities has been deprecated in favour of the higher performing asynchronous end-point. You can create Webhooks to receive updates when the activity has been processed.


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