Version 5.14.0

For more information on how to upgrade your Mambo Platform, please see the Upgrade Guide

Administration Panel

New Feature:

  • Administrator settings page: added a new page where administrators with simple permissions can change their own settings.


  • Tag documentation: improved the personalization tag documentation in the Administrator Manual to provide more context and examples.
  • Custom fields in data tables: added the ability to see the custom fields in the data tables.



  • Optimise activity creation: increased the performance when creating new activities by adding caching where possible to reduce database calls.
  • Optimise leaderboard indexes: added better indexes which result in less table scans when retrieving users, ultimately improving the performance.
  • Optimise authentication flow: increased the performance of the authentication flow with new cache points and indexes.
  • Added SHA256 authentication to MongoDB: added support to configure SHA256 authentication for MongoDB on on-premise installations.
  • MongoDB authentication database: allowed the authentication database to be configurable for on-premise installations.
  • LDAP based on search filters: replaced the LDAP user DN based authentication with search filters which allow multiple search terms and greater flexibility.
  • Increased LDAP log levels: logging around LDAP authentication has been increased.


  • Rewards earned with personalization tags aren't visible: the personalization tags are used to determine whether a user can or cannot see a reward. Once the user unlocks the reward, the reward continued to be invisible to the user, although they would earn the points and could see it in their activity stream. Unlocked personalized rewards are now visible.
  • Awarded coupon is missing coupon code: the awarded coupon details in the SDKs were missing the coupon codes that had been unlocked.
  • Dropped unique index for coupons: when upgrading to multi-code coupons a unique index was left in the database which was causing issues adding new coupons.
  • Null data caused 500 errors: when sending null data objects to the APIs the server would respond with a 500 error. Improved the handling of null objects to return meaningful errors.
  • Run jobs flag doesn't stop job execution: the flag used to indicate whether a node should run jobs was only stopping the node from scheduling jobs, but not from executing them (on-premise only). The property will now allow nodes to schedule jobs but not to execute them.


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