Version 5.16.0

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Administration Panel


  • Coupons points changeable: the UI was showing the option to change a coupon from buyable with points to non-buyable which is not possible. 


New Feature:

  • SAML / SSO: added the ability to configure SAML / SSO authentication for both administrators and users.


  • JSON and HTML in custom fields: it's now possible to add JSON or HTML to your custom fields.
  • Find awarded coupon by activity ID: it's possible to fetch all the coupons that have been awarded based on the ID of the activity in which they were awarded.
  • Added lastActivityOn to users: added a field indicating the time the last activity was performed by a user.
  • Buy coupon analytics: added analytics for the buy coupon activity.
  • Configure cache sizes: added the ability to configure the cache sizes via the mambo properties file.
  • Optimised existing caches: we've optimised the caches to use specific keys to add and remove entries, making the performance and synchronisation of the caches more efficient. 


  • Two step coupons deduct points twice: when using a two step redemption coupon, points were being deducted when buying the coupon but also when redeeming the coupon.
  • Enable migrations: ensure migrations are always run when the platform is first installed.


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