Version 5.17.0

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  • Webhook signatures and timestamps: added versioned and timestamped signatures in order to allow better backwards compatibility if the signatures were to change and added a timestamp to avoid man in the middle attacks.
  • Webhooks paging: the paging for webhooks and webhook deliveries has been updated from offset based paging to cursor based paging which ensures stable performance across very large data sets.
  • Reduced exception noise in command logging: in order to avoid cluttering the logs with harmless exceptions, we've removed logging for innocuous exceptions.


  • Gifts do not work with Filter by Tag: when applying filter by tag, the gifts were not being assigned to the users even if they had matching tags.
  • Changing user tags does not update KPI targets: when changing a users tags, their KPI targets were not updated to match those for the new tags.
  • KPI targets do not update: if there were any exceptions downstream of the update of the KPI targets, the subsequent targets would not be updated.
  • User portal log in fails: with the release of SAML, the user portal login stopped working as expected when using the Mambo Internal Directory.
  • Leaderboard ranking consumes CPU: the leaderboard ranking would get stuck in a continuous loop when the system was under intense load which caused the CPU consumption to increase and stay high for long periods of time.
  • Disabled KPI is visible: when multiple KPIs were available for a user and one of them was disabled, the KPI's data associated to the user continued to be returned by the APIs without the KPI present.


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