Version 6.0.0

For more information on how to upgrade your Mambo Platform, please see the Upgrade Guide

From Mambo 6.0.0 the minimum Java Runtime Environment version required to run the application is Java17.


New Feature:

  • API Versioning: added the ability to update your accounts API independently of platform updates. You account APIs will be pinned to a specific version of the API (starting with the version of when the account was created). If the platform is updated with any changes to the current API data models, these will be available as a new version. You account will remain on your pinned version until you decide it's the right time to upgrade to the latest version of the API. This offers greater stability to your integration and allows you to upgrade following your own cadence. 


  • Support ISO 8601 without milliseconds: it's now possible to use dates without millisecond precision following the ISO 8601 standard.


  • Analytics count cancelled or awarded bounties incorrectly: when a new bounty is started before cancelling or awarding the previous one, the cancelling and awarding were not being correctly counted in the analytics data.
  • Translations were not updating correctly: when updating a translation the values of the different languages could end up mixed in with the wrong language.


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