Version 6.1.0

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Administration Panel


  • Data dictionary: the data dictionary now indicates which data model fields are deprecated.


  • Create activities doesn't allow metadata: when creating a flexible behaviour based activity in the UI, it was not possible to add metadata to the flexible behaviour unless there were metadata rules defined for the specific behaviour. That has been fixed and it's now possible to add metadata to flexible behaviours which don't specify any metadata rules.
  • User search doesn't work: the user search box was not working for all administrators. The issue was with the request validation which was stopping requests which did not have any ordering or filtering applied.
  • Data dictionary: the data dictionary was showing objects, object properties and database fields which were for internal use only. The data dictionary now only shows objects and object properties that are available through the APIs.
  • Change version in documentation hides data models: when switching versions in the API Documentation, the shared data models in the data dictionary were being hidden from the UI.
  • Webhook delivery "Completed" label is red: the UI was showing the completed label on the webhook deliveries list in red rather than green.



  • Align naming of coupon, leaderboard and KPIs: the API returned data models with different naming conventions for the user's coupon, leaderboard and KPI states. We've aligned the naming convention and the existing data models have been renamed them as follows:
    • AwardedCoupon is now CouponState
    • LeaderboardUser is now LeaderboardState
    • KPIUser is now KPIState


  • Webhooks allow empty payload version: when creating a webhook it was possible to leave the payload version property empty which would in turn cause the API used to get webhooks to fail. Webhooks now require the payload version field to be set.


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