Version 6.1.1

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Administration Panel


  • Bulk reject documentation shows fields which are not present: the data model documentation for the bulk reject criteria was showing the userId and targetUserId fields which are not present.



  • Coupon state is created when coupon is not awarded: users had a coupon state created with no awarded details when using awarding multi-code coupons that had all their available codes assigned. If all the codes are assigned and the coupon cannot be awarded, then the coupon state is no longer created.
  • Leaderboard regenerate fails with expired points: when running the leaderboard regeneration using expirable points the calculations were incorrect if the point was past it's expiration date but had not yet been expired by the system.
  • Gifting and bountying did not remove them from the source user: when creating a gift or a bounty, the points were being redeemed from the source user rather than being decremented. The issue is that this can cause a cycle where users can gift each other points without end and ultimately game the system. The points are now being deducted from the source user avoiding this issue.


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