Version 6.2.1

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Administration Panel


  • Mission rewards selection screen: when opening the mission rewards selection screen the currently selected rewards were not highlighted. This could cause confusion in terms of what had or hadn't already been selected. This has been improved and the screen will now show currently selected rewards.


  • Unlock if any/all criteria are met: when creating a reward it's possible to determine if all or any number of the criteria need to be met in order to unlock the reward. Changing the list of criteria (adding or removing them) would cause the any/all option to reset which could easily be missed. Adding or removing criteria no longer resets the option.



  • Deploy Mambo on-premise on non-root contexts: it's now possible to deploy Mambo on a non-root context within you webserver.


  • Webhook logs show the wrong site: the logging in place for the webhooks could show the wrong site in the log file as the site context wasn't cleared.
  • Rejecting activities could result in negative point based KPIs: when rejecting an activity, it was possible for the point total within the KPI to be negative even though the balance of the user was not.
  • Clearing all user notifications is slow: when clearing all of a users notifications the system could take some time to process particularly if there were many unread notifications.
  • Gift activities with rewards which unlock internal points: when creating a gift activity which unlocks a reward with points that are internal only, then the activity does not contain the points. The points were not present in the reward itself, nor in the points list. This meant that retrieving the activities with internal points included was not showing these points.


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