Version 6.2.2

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  • Guarantee order of tags: the order of tags associated to an object is now guaranteed. If you need the tags to be in a specific order or want to rely on their order, it's now possible to do so.


  • Cloning DataStores doesn't update creation date: when cloning a datastore, the creation date was copied from the DataStore being cloned instead of being set to the time of the cloning.
  • Paging CouponStates isn't working as expected: when paging the list of CouponStates the pages were not returning the full list of records on each page. States were being removed after the paging had been applied which resulted in pages with less than the number of records expected.
  • API authentication creates sessions: making API requests using tokens was causing the system to generate a new session for each request instead of being stateless.


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