Version 6.3.0

For more information on how to upgrade your Mambo Platform, please see the Upgrade Guide.

Administration Panel


  • Coupon limited series does not work when changing coupon code type: In the Coupon editor page, when switching from single coupon code to multi coupon code, the limited series input box is disabled. However, switching back did not enable the input again.
  • Dialog to create a new tag does not always expand: on certain pages, the dialog to create a new tag would not appear upon clicking the “Create new Tag” button.



  • API endpoints to create activities: the current v1 POST endpoints to create activities have been replaced by new asynchronous endpoints (v2). Current v1 endpoints have been deprecated and marked for removal in June 2024. Refer to the API and SDK documentation for further information on how to use the new v2 endpoints.
  • SDKs prior to 6.3.0: older versions of the SDK have been deprecated and will no longer work after June 2024. Please upgrade your SDKs to a newer version.

New Features:

  • New high performance end-point to create activities: a new API endpoint for POST requests to create new activities is released under (/v2/{site}/activities). This new endpoint is asynchronous: it always returns immediately an activity id, and the activity is added to a queue for asynchronous processing
  • CouponStateExpiredEvent added to webhooks: it is now possible to trigger a Webhook call using the CouponStateExpiredEvent, which is fired every time a user’s coupon expires.
  • Configurable signing key for OAuth2 tokens: the cryptographic key used for signing OAuth2 tokens in now explicitly configured through the oauth.token.signing_key property in
  • Leaderboards report user ranks and points for previous periods: leaderboards, in addition to the current rank and points of each user, now also report the rank and points for the previous day/week/month. This allows determining if a user's rank has been climbing or dropping over time. This information could be used, for example, to display rank changes in a UI.


  • Improved filtering capabilities when retrieving CouponStates: when retrieving the list of CouponStates, it is now possible to filter the results so that the results only contain coupons that are still redeemable, were already redeemed or have expired.
  • Rename the “Filter by Tag” flag: in order to avoid confusion and better signify functionality, the “Filter by Tag” configuration flag of Behaviours and Rewards has been renamed to “Award only if the user's personalization tags match”.


  • Activities and Notifications contain prize coupons that were not awarded: under rare circumstances, activities and notifications could contain prize coupons that in reality were not awarded to the user, either because the coupon was inactive, its scarcity limits were hit or, in the case of multi-code codes, there were no codes left to assign. The bug has now been fixed and these coupons are no longer added to activities nor notifications.


New features:

  • Leaderboard widget shows user ranking change over time: next to a user’s rank, the Leaderboard widget displays an up or down arrow indicating the user’s rank change relative to the previous period.


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