Release 4.3.2

For more information on how to upgrade your Mambo Platform, please see the Upgrade Guide.

Administration Panel


  • Tag Filter: an overall Tag filter has been added to the header of the Administration Panel. This can be used to filter the Users and Configuration by a specific Tag. Now if you have your game mechanics grouped by different teams, locations, departments, etc you can filter the Administration Panel based on these and see exactly what's in each tag group.
  • Filters: column sorting has been added to the majority of the columns found in the Configuration tables. In addition behaviours and levels also have the ability to filter by Points. The Flexible Behaviour also has the option to filter the table by metadata name.


  • Leaderboards: the behaviour leaderboards editing screen was not displaying the "Count Flexible" option when a Simple Behaviour was selected from the Behaviours drop down.
  • Expiration fields: changing the "Fixed Interval" period option between any value (Daily, Weekly, etc) to the "Hourly" value was not correctly updating the form fields
  • Add Leaderboards Button: the Add button on the Leaderboards configuration page wasn't working correctly. It was causing all the other Add buttons to break.



New Features:

  • User All Rewards API: added a new API to the User APIs which allows you to retrieve all of the user's unlocked rewards plus all the available rewards. This can be used when generating the users profile.


  • Flexible behaviours: it was not possible to add new flexible behaviours. The underlying simple behaviour was required to have Activity Text in order for the flexible behaviours to be created correctly.
  • Remove Metadata / Points: removing metadata and points from behaviours and rewards was not possible.




  • Profile Widget: the Profile Widget now makes use of the new User All Rewards API to render the profile tabs and rewards. This has improved the load time of the widget and removed a number of bugs listed below.
  • Profile Widget Levels: the Profile Widget now allows you to group levels within the levels tab. This allows you to create sections into which levels can be grouped, for example: Overall Experience Levels, Wiki Levels, etc.
  • Profile Widget User: you can now override the userUuid configured during initialization with a custom UUID just for the Profile Widget. This is useful when, for example, User A visits User B's profile page and you have User A's Header Widget showing and User B's Profile Widget on the same screen.
  • Core options: levels are now no longer grouped by the ID of the points which they contain but rather they are now grouped by Tag. You can specify which tag represents the primary levels of your game.


  • Missions: occasionally the missions weren't being displayed correctly. This has been fixed thanks to the improvement above.
  • Reward ToolTip: the reward tool tip displayed when hovering over rewards in the widgets contains a "Show more" link which wasn't working. This was fixed thanks to the improvement above.


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