Release 4.3.1

For more information on how to upgrade your Mambo Platform, please see the Upgrade Guide.

Administration Panel

New Features:

  • Help widget: we added a help widget directly into the Administration Panel. This gives you access to our Knowledge Base with helpful articles, as well as the ability to raise Support Tickets directly from the Administration Panel.


  • Documentation: added multiple screenshots for the Header Widget and the Profile Widget to the JavaScript SDK documentation.



New Features:

  • Tags: game mechanics can now be grouped by tags. This can be used to group related content by context and retrieve it. This means we can create game mechanics and group them by Company Department, by Geographic Location, by Office, by Team, and more. The Profile Widget has been improved to support custom tabs based on tags. For example: in an elearning environment you could group Security related training by with a security_training tag and then display them in a Security Courses tab in the Profile Widget. In addition to regular tags, there are also personalization tags. These allow the platform to auto-filter the game mechanics based on the personalization tags assigned to a user. For example: if a user only has the HR Department personalization tag, when their profile loads, the HR Department rewards will be loaded but the Finance Department ones will be automatically filtered out. Leaderboards and Activities can also be filtered by tags and personalization tags. This means you can now create leaderboards and filter them on contextual data provided by the tags.


  • Activity Streams: the activity streams have been greatly improved in this release. Rich activity streams have been introduced which display both reward and behaviour activity. The widget can be filtered to display both types or only one type. The activities can also be filtered by a specific user allowing us to show them their personal stream. The Events API has also been improved to receive Content Objects. These describe the content on which a behaviour has taken place, allowing us to create detailed activity posts such as: "John Doe has commented on the blog post The Rise of Gamification". The new activities have also been used to enhance the Profile Widget with the Summary tab. This contains a list of all the activities that earned the user points.
  • Transactions API: ability to retrieve transactions by eventId. This allows us to retrieve a list of the transactions associated to a specific event.


  • Points coming from Transaction API calls were not getting added to the leaderboards correctly.
  • Leaderboards and points were not getting cloned correctly when cloning a Site.




  • Activity Streams: advanced options have been introduced into the Activities Widget which allows them to be filtered in many different ways. Read the JavaScript SDK documentation in the Administration Panel for more information.
  • Leaderboards: advanced options have been introduced also into the Leaderboards Widget which allows them to be filtered in many different ways. Read the JavaScript SDK documentation in the Administration Panel for more information
  • Profile: the ability to create custom tabs in the Profile Widget by Tag has creatly enhanced the way we can group our game mechanics for the user to navigate.
  • Profile: added a reward counter for rewards which have been unlocked multiple times by the user.
  • Notification: added a button which takes the user to their Profile page so that the user can quickly navigate and visualize their updated status.


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