Release 4.4.0

For more information on how to upgrade your Mambo Platform, please see the Upgrade Guide.

Administration Panel


  • Documentation: the API documentation has been improved by providing direct links to the API groups from the navigation menu.


  • Level Points Selection: updating a level and removing one of the points on which the level was based, was not correctly removing the point from the list.



New Features:

  • Internal Only Points: a new option has been added to the points which makes them internal only. This means that the points will be displayed in the Administration Panel but the end-user will not see these points. These can be used as counters and eventually will also be valuable when creating behaviour pre-conditions (coming soon!)


  • Java SDK: the number of methods in the API services has been greatly reduced and replaced by a single arguments object. This ensures the SDK can be enhanced without breaking existing installations therefore improving the backwards compatibility of the SDK.
  • Behaviour APIs: the hideHint property of the behaviour object has been renamed to hideInWidget for clarity.
  • Behaviour APIs: behaviours can now be created without any points.
  • Tag APIs: a tag's tag value can now be used to associate a tag to a game mechanic or user. Previously only a tag's ID could be used.


  • Getting Events: retrieving a list of events which contains behaviours or rewards which are deleted no longer fails.
  • Removing Tags: reseting an object's tag list to empty is now working as expected.
  • Negative Points: non-negativeable points (i.e. points which should never be below zero) could actually become negative if earned via a behaviour or reward.




  • Toaster Widget: the layout of the toaster widget has been improved to be clearer.


  • Fetching Data: fetching the user data through the Manual Data Fetching APIs no longer fails.
  • Primary Levels: the correct primary level was not being found in the levelGroups list specified in the initialization options.


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