Release 4.4.1

For more information on how to upgrade your Mambo Platform, please see the Upgrade Guide.

Administration Panel


  • Portuguese Translation: all Portuguese characters with accents which were having problems being displayed have been fixed.
  • User Details Screen: when refreshing the user details screen for a specific user the data is now being correctly fetched from the engine.
  • Sorting Behaviours and Rewards: the sorting of behaviours and rewards has been fixed so that no only the first page of results is sorted.
  • ASCII Code as Values: it is now possible to use ASCII codes in names, descriptions, etc and have them rendered correctly.
  • Remove Start / End Date for Rewards: removing the start or end date from a reward no longer fails to update the reward.



  • Leaderboard APIs: the data model for the leaderboards has been completely revamped. This results in faster access to the API and more performance when updating a user's leaderboards.
  • Notifications with Event: it is now possible to supply a withEvents flag to the notification APIs and have the notifications returned with the event that triggered them included.
  • User Notifications: added paging capabilities to the user notification API.


  • Updating Tags: the validation performed when updating tag associated to a game mechanic has been fixed.
  • Leaderboard APIs: fixed an issue caused by using multiple leaderboards andtime periods which was resulting in the wrong order being returned.
  • User Reward APIs: deleting rewards which were already unlocked no longer fails to return the user's rewards.



  • Languages: the documentation in the Administration Panel has been updated to contain a section explaining how to translate the Mambo widgets.


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