Version 6.3.4

This changelog is based on Keep a Changelog. Mambo adheres to Semantic Versioning.

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Released on: 2024-02-28



  • Changing a point's decimals caused inconsistencies in leaderboard sorting: modifying the decimal precision of an existing point led to inconsistencies in the user ranking for leaderboards that used that point. To prevent this issue, it is no longer possible to change a point's decimals after its creation.
  • Missing versioning when retrieving a list of notifications containing an AwardedCoupon: when retrieving notifications with a pinned version (or Accept-Version header) lower than 6.3.0, the response could incorrectly contain notifications for AwardedCoupons.
  • Java SDK: an exception was thrown when deserializing json responses containing unknown properties or subtypes.
  • Java SDK: retrieving a notification that contained an AwardedCoupon caused a deserialization error.
  • Versioning for “Filter by Tag” not applied to nested rewards or behaviours: the versioning change that maintained compatibility of the old tagFilter property in versions prior to 6.3.0, was not applied to rewards and behaviours that were nested inside other objects.


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