Release 5.0.1

For more information on how to upgrade your Mambo Platform, please see the Upgrade Guide.

Administration Panel


  • Widgets Simulation Page: added a widgets simulation page which can be used to test your game strategy without having to go through the full integration process. If your Mambo installation is accessible from the web, you can use this test page with your local install. Alternatively you can save the page locally and use it from there. The page can be accessed here:


  • Widgets Simulation Page: the widgets simulation page was not storing data in Internet Explorer.
  • Activities and Leaderboards Widget Template Documentation: the documentation on how to customise the widget templates for activities and leaderboards were out of date and used data which was no longer available.
  • Filtering by Site: when filtering by site and navigating between the Users and Configuration areas of the administration panel, the site filter was lost and the default site was shown.
  • User Picture URL: adding a Picture URL to a user when creating or updating them was throwing a validation exception even though the URL was valid.
  • Firefox Upload Badge: the button used to select icons was not working in Firefox.
  • Internet Explorer and User / Game Mechanic Lists: all the lists displayed in the Administration Panel would disappear in Internet Explorer after a user or game mechanic was opened.



  • JavaScript API Referrer Validation: the engine relies on the referrer value sent by browsers when making API requests in order to validate where the request comes from and authenticate against the Approved URLs. Firefox and Internet Explorer do not send this value on CORS based requests. We have fixed the validation to use the Origin header instead of the Referrer header when the Referrer is missing.
  • Metadata Values Containing Dots: when limiting behaviour repetitions based on metadata and a Count Scope an issue was causing the data model to break if the metadata value contained dots in it. This would cause activities to fail and no further activities could be tracked.



  • Toaster Popup: toaster popups for behaviours and rewards with very long names were not wrapping properly and were being displayed below their icon.
  • Profile Widget Points: long lists of points were not wrapping correctly in the profile widget and were going beyond the width of the widget itself.
  • Widget Template: the widget template was missing from the template validation list which was causing an error to be displayed rather than the widget template being overridden.
  • Empty Activities Widget: when a behaviour activity was created with content objects but without specifying the activity stream prefixes in the behaviour, nothing other than the user's name would be displayed in the stream.
  • Zero Point Toaster Popup: behaviours which had points set to a value of zero were triggering toaster popups. These should only be displayed if there are actual points associated to a behaviour.


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