Version 7.0.0

This changelog is based on Keep a Changelog. Mambo adheres to Semantic Versioning.

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Released on: 2024-04-04



  • Add ability to configure the ranking time periods for Leaderboards: Leaderboards used to be automatically ranked by daily, weekly, monthly as well as overall points. Administrators now have the option to configure each leaderboard with only the time periods that are actually needed.


  • Leaderboards support filtering by a single tag: Leaderboards now support one single Filterable Tag which is automatically used for filtering. The Auto Filter by Tag property thus became redundant and was removed.
    Important: in order to upgrade to this version, leaderboards that use Fileterable Tags must be manually reconfigured to have either no tags or a single tag with and the Auto Filter by Tag property switched on.
  • Activities older than 30 days can no longer be rejected: attempting to reject any activities older than 30 days now leads to an impossible operation exception or validation exception for single or bulk rejects respectively.
  • API responses no longer return empty prize objects: when a prize is not present API responses now contain a null prize field instead of a prize object with all properties set to null. The versioning engine ensures backward compatibility of this change for older version of the SDKs and for user with a pinned version <7.0.0. 


  • Zip files could be uploaded in place of images: trying to upload a zip file in place of an image now leads to a validation exception.
  • SVG images without an <xml> tag failed validation: the validation of SVG images now allows uploading files that lack the <xml> tag.
  • Concurrent Coupon activities could lead to the creation of activities that did not take place:  concurrent redeems of OneStep coupons or concurrent buys of TwoStep coupons with a configured scarcity limit, could lead to the creation of extra activities that never took place. The issue has now been fixed.


  • Removal of deprecated methods: deprecated methods marked for removal after 1st July 2023 have now been removed.



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