Release 5.1.3

For more information on how to upgrade your Mambo Platform, please see the Upgrade Guide.

Administration Panel


  • Updated Design: all the configuration forms have been redesigned from the ground up using Bootstrap. All related areas have been grouped and collapsed to display only the minimum required settings.


  • Remove Coupon from Missions in FireFox: fixed an issue which was stopping coupons from being removed from a mission in FireFox.


New Feature:

  • Progress Tracking for Levels and Achievements: missions have had this from the start, but as of this release, you are now able to see how far you've progressed in a level or in an achievement!
  • Multi-Behaviour Achievements: achievements can now be created based on multiple different behaviours. This means we can create complex achievements based on completing multiple tasks. Combined with missions they become an incredibly powerful tool for onboarding and processes.
  • Limited Series Rewards: limited series or scarcity allows you to specify how many times a reward can be unlocked overall. This means we can limit how many copies of a reward are distributed and create some friendly competition to unlock the reward.


  • Filter Users by Behaviour and Reward: the list of users can now be filtered to include only users who have performed a particular behaviour or have earned a specific reward.
  • Filter Reward and Activities by Point: the list of rewards and activities can now be filtered to include only rewards or activities which contain a specific point in them.
  • Filter Activities by Behaviour / Level / Achievement / Mission: activities can be filtered to include only activities which contain behaviours, levels, achievements or missions.
  • PHP SDK Response: you can set a flag in the PHP SDK to have the response provided to you as an object or as an associative array.
  • Activities with Behaviour IDs: in addition to creating behaviour activities using a behaviour's verb, you can now also create behaviour activities using the behaviour's ID.
  • Number of Leaderboard Users Increased: the leaderboards now allow you to specify the number of users you would like to see in your leaderboard rather than restricting this number to 10!
  • PHP >5.5 Compatibility: added compatibility for PHP >5.5


  • Users Tag Filter also Filtered User's Points: fixed an issue which was causing the tag filter on the user list to filter out also the points found inside each user.
  • Changing Administrator Passwords: fixed an issue caused by attempting to change an administrator's properties with a null password.
  • Create Flexible Behaviour with PHP SDK: fixed an issue which was causing flexible behaviour creation to fail when using the PHP SDK.



  • Profile Reward Cards: the reward cards in the profile widgets have been redesigned to improve usability and show the user's progress towards unlocking the rewards.
  • Profile Summary Tab: the profile summary tab has been redesigned to improve usability and to include the ability to filter the summary list by type of activity.
  • Profile Widget Selected Tab: the profile widget can now be loaded with the specified tab opened. This means youare no longer restricted to opening the first tab available.
  • Activity Stream Loop Stopper: the activity stream can now be set to stream until the last activity is displayed and then stop looping.


  • Scrolling Leaderboards: fixed an issue which was causing leaderboards with a scroll bar to stop rendering correctly.
  • Hidden Deactivate Rewards: fixed an issue which was causing deactivated rewards to disappear from the widgets.


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