Release 5.8.0

For more information on how to upgrade your Mambo Platform, please see the Upgrade Guide.

Administration Panel


  • Update to Look & Feel as well as layout: the administrator panel has under gone some minor changes to make the reading experience smoother. Tables have been left aligned, lists are cleared shown as such, form fields are larger, field groups are smoother and lot's of other minor tweaks. We have also tucked away our documentation and administrative screens into a new navigation section. 
  • Sum of selected in analytics charts: hovering over a chart has an additional field in the tool tip which is the Total of Selected. This is the sum of the chart series currently being shown.
  • Filter user activities by type: we have added an activities filter in the user details page. This will allow you to select which types of activities to show and whether activities with errors should be hidden.
  • Create activities manually with tags: it is now possible to create activities through the administration panel which contain tags.
  • About Mambo: the administration panel now includes some information about the Mambo Software including the current release being run.


  • Analytics report dates missing first day: the correct date is now being sent to the server and the start date should be the one requested.
  • Dashboard and Simulator cancel confirmation breaks navigation: navigating away from the Dashboard or Simulator page and then clicking Cancel on the confirmation box, no longer causes the navigation to break.
  • Cumulative and daily analytics don't add up when there are deleted mechanics: the deleted mechanics have been included on the charts to ensure the maths behind the overall total value works.
  • Game mechanics with shared names and analytics: the charts now renders every occurrence of a game mechanic even if there are others with the same name.


New Features:

  • Administrator Permissions: the platform now has a state of the art permissions system for your administrators. System administrators can manage Group permissions and regular Administrators can use groups to manage the level of access other administrators get. In addition to the group based permissions, it is also possible to grant administrators access to specific sites only and with a limited set of permissions.
  • Multi-Unlock Rewards: rewards can now be awarded each time your user reaches the criteria necessary to unlock the reward. For example, if I have an achievement Share x 1 and Comment x 1, each time the user performs a Share and a Comment behaviour, the achievement will be awarded.
  • Points with Decimal Places: points now support decimal places which means you can send data from source systems into the platform without multiplying them or losing accuracy.
  • Batch Activity Reject: activities can now be rejected in a large batch using different selection criteria. The reject can be user specific, it can be specific to a game mechanic and can be time boxed to hit particular time periods.
  • Upload User Picture: it is possible to upload images for users rather than providing links to existing profile pictures.


  • Leader boards return user count: the leader boards include a counter of how many users are in the leader board. Very handy for use with pagination.
  • Limit total circulation of a coupon: you can specify how many of these coupons should be distributed in total. This allows you to keep under control the available coupons.
  • Pick JSON fields in User APIs: certain User APIs allow you to specify which JSON fields you need in the response in order to speed up the process and decrease considerably the volume of data being sent.
  • Regenerate a leader board on point or behaviour changes: changing a leader board's points or behaviours no longer requires a manual regeneration of the leader board. The regenerate will kick-off automatically insuring everyone is playing by the right rules.
  • Source of a user's rewards: retrieving a user's rewards will now provide you with a list of the activities that awarded the reward and when the activity took place.
  • Reverse proxy with the Java SDK: the Java SDK can be configured to work with reverse proxy settings.


  • Calling Data APIs without extensions: making a request to the Data APIs without specifying whether this is a JSON or XML request no longer fails but rather picks a default option.
  • Default result of filtering with non-existant tags: the system no longer defaults to using no tags when the tags used to filter an API cannot be found. The tag filter now expects to find only valid tags and will throw an error if the tag doesn't exist.
  • Leader boards ignore point settings: the ability to stop point counters at zero or to have points be negative is now being taken into consideration by the leader boards when calculating scores.
  • Calling Delete APIs without payload: calling the delete APIs without the JSON data is handled gracefully with a clear error message.
  • Reverse order leader boards and zeros: reverse order leader boards no longer use zero as the baseline number for rank #1. So you can expect the right results at the top of the leader boards.
  • Rejecting behaviour activities with dependent achievements: rejecting activities now handles working with achievement criteria which rely on deleted game mechanics.
  • User search API not returning Stats: the search API now populates the user's statistics object when asked to do so.
  • Filter users by reward IDs fails: the filter continues to search by reward ID but now ignores results where the counter for those rewards is equal to zero (i.e. the user had not actually earned the reward).
  • Cloning a site with simulations breaks them: the simulations rely on some values which are site specific. At this point we've discontinued cloning simulations in order to avoid issues. If in the future those values become less site dependent then cloning simulation between sites will be returned.



  • Leader Board Widget tabs: it is possible to choose whether the Top 10 or My Rank tab should be loaded by default. It is also possible to hide the tabs entirely and show only one version of the leader board.
  • Gifting Widget user search can be filtered by tag: using tags you can specify which user tags should be included in the results of the gifting widget. This allows you to search different user groups.
  • Tweaked Earn Points widget design: the Earn Points widget has been made easier to consume by exposing more information rather than hiding it. This makes mobile navigation simpler and browser navigation much clearer.
  • Added support for latest Safari: the widgets can now be used in the latest versions of Safari for iOS and Mac.


  • Gifts with prize points were hidden: the gift rewards which have points associated to them are no longer hidden in the Gifts tab.
  • Navigating to and from the Profile Widget duplicates badges: it is now possible to use an AJAX based application to switch between screens and to and from the Profile Widget page without the badges duplicating with each new screen load.


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