Release 5.8.12

For more information on how to upgrade your Mambo Platform, please see the Upgrade Guide.

Administration Panel


  • Leaderboard Ranking: added the option to trigger the leaderboard ranking process directly from the administration panel. Each leaderboard now has a ranking button in the list of available leaderboards.


  • Analytics Report Widget Cannot Change Tags: the analytics widgets would not allow you to change a tag once it was set.
  • Navigating Away and Back to the Analytics Dashboard would show an empty Dashboard on Secondary sites: when viewing a dashboard on a site which wasn't the primary one, the dashboard would vanish after navigating away and then back to it.



  • CSharp SDK Throws Unhandled Exception when Server is Down: when using the CSharp SDK an unhandled exception was thrown if the server was down or an incorrect server address was used. This is now handled with an appropriate exception.
  • Set Points via JavaScript API did not work: it was not possible to use the set point activity via the JavaScript APIs as the permissions were not setup.
  • Rewards with Points Unlocked with Set Points are not Counted in the Leaderboard: if a set point activity was tracked and it unlocked a reward with points, those points would not be counted in the leaderboard.
  • Non-OK Behaviours Tracked in Analytics: the analytics were tracking behaviours which had actually not been awarded to user because not all the criteria were met.



  • Profile Widget Level Progress and Decimal Places: the navigation of the Profile Widget was showing too many decimal places when showing how many points a user needs to unlock the next level.


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