Release 5.8.14

For more information on how to upgrade your Mambo Platform, please see the Upgrade Guide.

Administration Panel


  • Analytics Dashboard Widget Tag List: the list of tags shown when creating a dashboard widget no longer includes tags which are not applicable to analytics.
  • Empty State for Custom Fields and Tags: when there are no custom fields or tags available we provide you a link to where these can be created. We also don't show you the add button until there is a custom field or tag available.


  • Mission Rewards Drag and Drop: the mission configuration screen allows you to re-order the rewards that are part of the mission. This had stopped working in Chrome due to updates to the browser.
  • Escaping the Site Popup: when you first log into the Mambo platform it will ask you to create a Site, this is compulsory or the UI will not load correctly. It was possible to close the window and proceed by clicking Escape on the keyboard.



  • Increased Cache Timeouts: we've increased the default timeout settings for the cache so that even under heavy load it should be able to connect to the cache cluster.


  • User Level Awarded On Date: the date on which a level was awarded to a user was constantly being updated in the user properties whereas it should have only been changed when the user first unlocked the specific level.
  • KPIs and Users with Two Tags: when assigning a KPI we can select multiple KPIs, this can then assign the KPI to users who have one or more of the tags. Now if we have a user who has 2 or more tags that match and we remove 1 tag from the KPI, the user also got removed (even though they still had a tag).


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