Release 5.8.18

For more information on how to upgrade your Mambo Platform, please see the Upgrade Guide

Note that this release requires the use of MongoDB 3.6 with the Feature Compatibility Version set to 3.6. Please see the setFeatureCompabilityVerision documentation for more information.

Administration Panel


  • Tag creation window does not pre-select language: when creating new tags from within other game mechanics the default language was not being pre-selected which was an annoyance.
  • Documentation Data Dictionary not scrolling to Shared Models: when navigating the data dictionary in the documentation, clicking on nested models which were found under the Shared Models section would do nothing. The section now gets expanded and you get taken to the relevant model.



  • Allow behaviour activities to carry ad hoc points: the prize points associated to a behaviour could only be defined via the administration panel. We've now introduced the ability to send a custom list of points each with their own custom amounts when tracking a behaviour. If the behaviour is tracked successfully, the points are given to the user.
  • Configure Leaderboard ranking job frequency: an option has been added to on-premise deployments which allows the frequency of the leaderboard ranking job to be controlled.


  • Shutdown during leader board regeneration breaks it: when the platform was shutdown and the regeneration process was still running, it would lock itself out of the process and not allow it to be run again without clearing the flag in the database. The regeneration process is now being treated as a Job with recovery abilities, so if shutdown abruptly, the platform will pick up where it left off when restarted.
  • Historical tags shown in activities: deleted tags were not being removed from all the properties of an activity, leaving some old tag IDs lying around.
  • Specific JPEG files were not converting to gray scale: specific type of JPEG encoded files were not being converted to gray scale correctly. Additional support was added for these new encodings.
  • Replacing images when using MongoDB data storage: when using the MongoDB data storage (on-premise) changing the images / badges was not correctly replacing the previous image in the database.
  • Rejecting activity rolls back non-OK behaviours: now only behaviours which have an OK status are being rolled back when an activity is rejected.


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