Release 5.8.21

For more information on how to upgrade your Mambo Platform, please see the Upgrade Guide



  • Filter Activities Data Export API: it is now possible to filter Activity data exports using the standard Activity API filters.
  • Sort users by first and last name: it is now possible to sort user's by their first and last name.


  • Sorting users is case sensitive: the user sorting is now case insensitive which means A and a will appear in sequence rather than all capital letters first and lower case letters second.
  • Removing a User tag removes them from the leaderboards: removing a user's tag was removing the user from all the leaderboards, including the ones where the tag should have had no influence.



  • Clear Gifting Widget Inputs After Sending Gift: the gifting form now clears itself and goes back to the initial state after a gift has been sent.
  • Gifting widget does not load profile picture: when no profile picture was available (i.e. the user had not uploaded one or chosen a URL) the gifting widget would show an empty profile picture. This has been replaced with the default profile picture for the widgets.


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