Release 5.8.23

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  • Cross-Site Request Forgery: we've implemented full support against CSRF attacks.
  • Search users by Display Name: we've extended the user search to work with the user's display name property.
  • Added Reason Field to Notifications: the activity based notifications carried the reason property but other notifications would only show the reason if the originating Activity was returned as well. The reason has now been added to the notification so that each notification has that data without needing the full activity.


  • KPI prize point rounding: when calculating the bonus points that a user should earn for going over their expected targets, the platform was rounding everything down. The default rounding has been changed to half_even to allow the rounding to balance correctly over time.
  • Image Custom Fields and Mongo Storage: when combining image custom fields and the MongoDB storage connector the image were not being saved and removed correctly. This meant having to remove all the images first, and then uploading new ones.
  • Language parameter on login: the language parameter on the login page was outputting error messages when supplied with invalid values.


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