Release 5.9.2

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Administration Panel


  • Changing Site was not clearing User Filters: when filtering the User page and switching sites, the user filters were not being cleared properly and the results were coming back empty or incorrect.


New Features:

  • Administrator LDAP Authentication: we've added the ability to connect the Mambo platform to your LDAP directory. Users can now log in using existing credentials and will be automatically created.
  • User Authentication: we've added the ability to authenticate your end-users using our internal user directory or using your LDAP directory.
  • Custom Fields on Points and KPIs: you can now add custom data fields to your Points and KPIs.


  • Add Content-Security-Policy: we've improved security by adding CSP headers to our server responses.
  • User Search based on Specific Fields: we've added the ability to narrow your user searches into specific information such as first name, last name, etc.
  • KPI and Expiring Points: when points expired they would decrease the actual counters of the historical KPI values and affect the prizes given. The first thing we corrected was removing prizes given. If something was earned, then losing the KPI (or badge) should not remove what I genuinely earned. The second thing is we offered an option to continue decreasing the actual counters or alternatively, ignore expiring points altogether.
  • KPI Red Amber Green Color Hex Code: we've updated the KPI RAG colors to use the hex representations in order to avoid confusion with predefined enumerators.
  • Increased the Speed of our Integration Tests: we test everything, a lot. So we're always trying to make things quicker so we can test more in less time! Always be testing!


  • Active users' performance degradation: when tracking thousands of repetitions of the same behaviour for a user, the performance would degrade based on how many rewards depended on the behaviour. The data model has been adapted to reduce the impact on performance.
  • User Activities Indexes: we've added new indexes on the Activities collection in order to allow faster retrieval of user summary (activities) data.
  • Creating Invalid KPIs via the SDK: when creating KPIs via the SDKs it was possible to define a single red amber green status when we need a minimum of 2.


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